“Ameyoko” busy market in Tokyo

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Today I introduce AMEYOKO shopping street. This shopping street is traditional and vibrant. It has the different attraction which the other Japanese shopping mall don’t have. Especially you can buy many affordable merchandises here. Let’ go and see what I can get at shopping street.

Candy Shop “Shimura Shoten” (志村商店)

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Here is candy shop. Candies are not sold by normal way here. A lot of sweets are put in the plastic bag as many as possible. Store clerk shouts to customers that a lot of sweets are in plastic bags. So you can buy these sweets at 1000yen. If you buy these sweets at other shops, they costs more than 2500yen! It is so affordable.

Bag Shop “My Bag”




You can buy many kinds of bags, strap bags, trolley bags and so on. They are more affordable than other bag shops. If you buy so many souvenirs in japan, I recommend you to buy theses merchandises.

Underground Shopping Centure in Ameyoko




There is underground shopping area at AMEYOKO street. Some Japanese people don’t know it. You can be more familiar than some Japanese by watching this movie. The red signboard is the entrance to underground shopping area. Going down this stairs, you will arrive at that area. I introduce fish store here. There many fishes at this shop. They are so fresh and affordable. You can grab shrimps and abalones when you choose what to buy at this shop. This is the interesting experience.

Dry Food shop



This is dry food shop. Japanese horseradish food is popular from foreign people. Horse radish is called wasabi in Japanese. It has green color and is hot. Please try it. And dried scallop food is sold here. It looks like so delicious.

Let’s find Special Goods


How was it? This is AMEYOKO shopping street. Here is not so clean but has much human feelings. There are a lot of attractions and merchandises. I recommend you to look for shops. Perhaps you will find great goods.

“Ameyoko” busy market in Tokyo

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