An iron plate girl “Monjayaki Okonomiyaki”

I made Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki in Tsukishima, Tokyo!

Hello, I am Hazuki of HowtojapanTV.

Today I have come to Tsukishima to make okonomiyaki and monjayaki.

I will be making it at this shop called Fugetsu!

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To make monjayaki, first we put the ingredients on top of the iron plate, thinly mince them, and form them into a circular shape. After, we pour the soup in the bowl into the middle of the ingredients.

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After waiting a few minutes, we thoroughly stir the mixture, form it into a square shape, and the monjayaki is done!

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You eat it right there by taking the little, shovel-shaped spoon and scooping a little bit right from the iron plate to your mouth. Careful, it is hot.


First, mix the ingredients in the bowl. After, pour the mixture onto the iron plate into a pancake shape.

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After a few minutes, flip it over and wait until it has cooked all the way through. Once it is cooked, it is done! You can put okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and fish flakes on top, as well. Cut it any way you like and put it right on your plate. Easy, right?

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If you ever come to Tsukishima, definitely go to Fugetsu and make your own delicious okonomiyaki and monjayaki!


Name Fugetsu Nigoten (Second Shop)
Address Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Tsukishima 1-19-4
Tel 050-5788-7989
Fugetsu Nigoten (Second Shop)

〒104-0052 東京都中央区月島1丁目19−4

An iron plate girl “Monjayaki Okonomiyaki”

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