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Today, I will explore the Sensouji Temple in Asakusa.
Sensouji is the oldest temple in Tokyo and a popular tourist spot known all over the world.

When you pass under the giant lantern of the Kaminari Gate, you will see Nakamise Street and further down is the main temple.


At a place called Asakusa Kibidango Azuma (seen below) on Nakamise Street,  I bought dango (dumplings) and amazake (sweet sake). The mochi-like texture of the dumplings taste great and the sweet sake warms me up in this cold weather.

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At a shop called Hanaya, tourists can buy the popular souvenirs, such as dolls and folding fans.

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Near the main temple there is an area constantly filled with burning incense letting off smoke. The legend says if you fan the smoke around a certain body part it will make it better. I quickly try this myself.

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I finally arrive at the main temple!

If you ever visit Tokyo please come explore Sensouji in Asakusa!

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Name Sensouji
Address Taito-ku, Tokyo Asakusa 2- 3-1
Tel 03-3842-0181
Sensouji HP

〒111-0032 東京都台東浅草2-3-1

Asakusa sensoji dating with a beautiful woman

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