Chirstmas illumination around Tokyo station


Today, I introduce you Christmas iIllumination event around Tokyo station.Tokyo station is known as an entrance of Tokyo and it has the largest number of platforms in Japan.
In winter, christmas events held around Tokyo station, so let’s go together!


This White Christmas Tree displays in KITTE, where you can reach by a minute walk from Tokyo Station.This tree has 14.5meter tall, which is one of the biggest christmas tree in Japan.

It seemed as if snow had fallen down on the tree.

You can feel the frozen world, even though you are in the inside of the house.


Next is Marunouchi Nakadori. The avenue lined with 240 trees are covered with LED lights.Every year thousands of people visit this shining Marunouchi Nakadori.
The office workers walk this street during daytime since there are a lot of office around here.However,the mood in the night is quite different from daytime.

Chirstmas date spot in Tokyo

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