Make your wish, Write on Ema!


What is Ema?


Ema (絵馬) are small wooden plaques.The ema are then left hanging up at the shrine, where the Kami ( 神 spirits or gods) receive them.This can be found at shrines all over Japan.As Buddhism and Shinto have mixed up a lot, it is not unique to shrines.

In recent days people write their wishes or prayers on a wooden plaque that can be purchased at the shrine and then hang it up on the shrine grounds.

Many foreign tourists come to shrine and write one’s wishes.You can find Korean, English, Chinese and other languages in these Ema.


You can buy a Ema. It’s 600 yen for one in Ueno Toshogu.


The side with illustlation of animal is the front of Ema, and the other side is  the back.

Write your wish on the back using a black marker.She wrote “I hope that many more foreigners will come to JAPAN”.


After you finish writing, hang on your Ema.I recommend to hang it like this in other shrines and temples.I wish for your dreams to come true…


What’s Ema,Wooden Wishing Plaques of Japan?

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