Get the small souvenirs by using Gachapon!


Do you know Gachapon? This has been the famous machine many children like for a long time in Japan. Recently a lot of foreign people play this for souvenirs.
I will tell you how to get Japanese souvenirs with enjoying by using this. Why is it enjoyable? You don’t know what you will get. This time, I introduce you how to use it. Be sure to collect many figures by reading this script!

The famous Gachapon shop in Akihabara


This shop is the one of the most famous Gachapon shops in Akihabara. I recommend this shop because there are many Gachapon machines. When you search for where this shop is, remember this name of shop “Gachapon Kaikan”. So let’s get in the shop.

Why it is called “Gachapon”

がちゃぽん3 (2)-min

Gachapon is Japanese onomatopoeia compose of two sounds Gacha for cracking side which stands for handle of vending machine Pon for a sound of toy capsule dropping. If you experience it, you know the sound is Gacha and Pon. Sometimes, Japanese people care for the name like this.

Let’s try Gachapon!

がちゃぽん4 (1)-min

First, you put your coins into silver hole. And turn the yellow handle to the right. You can find how much this is by looking at figures next to silver hole. This time, it is 300yen. This moment to turn the handle is enjoyable! You can get capsule and open it.

Let’s see what I got.


I could so cute figure! You can put this on your table as the interior and give your friends as souvenirs. There are many kinds of Gachapon in japan. So, it is one of how to enjoy Gachapon to find your favorite figures. Perhaps you can get so rare figure. Please try it, when you go to japan.

Name 秋葉原 ガチャポン会館
Address 東京都千代田区外神田3-15-5


What’s coming up? Gashapon!