In Asakusa’s Sensouji Temple area there is a popular kimono rental shop among tourists called ‘i’. Here you can experience a traditional part of Japanese culture. Today, I am going to try on a cute kimono here at Sensouji’s ‘i’ shop.



Here you can pick which kimono and kimono sash you like best. You can put it on yourself or get help from the staff who will put it on nicely for you.

After I put on my kimono at ‘i’ shop, I go out to explore Asakusa.



If you ever visit Asakusa, try on a cute kimono at Sensouji’s ‘i’ shop and explore around Asakusa to really feel the experience of Japans traditional culture.

Name Terakoya i
Address 〒111-0033 東京都台東区花川戸2-7-8
Tel 080-3605-0369
Terakoya i HP

〒111-0033 東京都台東区花川戸2-7-8

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