Japanese Shodo Calligraphy Today,I would like to teach you about Shodo (書道). Shodo is Japanese calligraphy Usually, most of children learn calligraphy in elementary school. It is also popular among adults. Tools If you start shodo, you need to prepare a variety of tools. 筆(Fude) : Brush 下敷き(Shitajiki) : Black soft mat. It provides a comfortable, soft surface. 文鎮(Bunchin) : Metal stick. It’s to weight down the paper during writing. 半紙(Hanshi) : Special, thin calligraphy paper. 硯(Suzuri) : Heavy black container. 墨(Sumi) : Ink stick. Solid black material that must be rubbed in water in the suzuri to produce the black ink which is then used for writing. 墨汁(Bokujyu) : […]

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