Japanese University Idol Copy Dance Competetion ”UNIDOL”


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Have you ever heard of UNIDOL?

“UNIDOL” stands for University Idol, and the concept of the event is that ordinary university students stand on stage as “idols” only for a night. In this idol copy dance competition held in Summer this year, 50 teams from all over Japan participated to battle for dance supremacy.



Story of UNIDOL

Recently the popularity of idol culture is rising, and UNIDOL has been a place where guests can enjoy the performance of university students, dancing to songs from various idol groups.

The total number of audience in 2014 recorded 10 thousand people, and it is definitely one of the hottest student event now!

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After they have finished their performance, we can also take photos with UNIDOLs. Let’s interview members of “SPH mellmuse”, from Sophia University.


What is the reason you decided to participate in this tournament?

-I joined SPH because I originally liked idols, and after dancing for a while in SPH, I heard that our group is constantly participating in a tournament that decides the number one university idol. I became very interested and decided to participate too.


Do you want to be a famous idol in the future?

-Not at all. I’m just enjoying the activity of UNIDOL as a part of university life.
So I will graduate as a UNIDOL and am not aiming to become an Idol.


Could you say a message for the people watching this video?

-UNIDOL is the best place to enjoy and experience the Japanese pop culture. So if you have any plans to visit Japan, please come and enjoy!


UNIDOL’s Goal involving universities from different countries

UNIDOL has 3 goals for the future.
First, is to expand the Japanese idol culture to the world.
Second, is to facilitate international exchange of students through the concept of idol.
Third, is to increase the name recognition of Japanese Universities to overseas.

Based on these future visions, UNIDOL is aiming for overseas promotion and to hold a world competition, involving universities from different countries.

HP http://unidol.jp/
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/UNIDOL_EXCO?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unidol7

Japanese University Idol Copy Dance Competetion ”UNIDOL”